Aahh Bali Breakfast Menu

Aahh Bali Breakfast Menu


Coffee, Tea, Milk, Orange Juice           (10k)

FRESH CUT FRUIT PLATE                  (15k)


Smashed grilled tomato on toast with eggs of your choice (poached, sunny side up, scrambled, soft/hard boiled) with hollandaise sauce  (35k)

2 eggs of your choice: (poached, sunny side up, scrambled, soft/hard boiled) with toast (25k)

ADD ON: – 2 slices of ham and 2 slices of cheese                (15k)
– 2 chicken sausages and 2 slices of cheese (15k)
– avocado (seasonal, so please ask first)           (10k)

Tofu scrambled: sprinkled with green onion, turmeric and chopped tomato on toast  (30k)

Homemade muesli: (roasted whole grain organic rolled oats with sunflower seeds and raisin sprinkled with honey and topped with fruits and almond) ask whether you would like it with yogurt or rice milk.    (30k)

Omelets: (35k)
-ham and cheese omelet
-all in omelet (onion, peppers, mushroom, tomato, cheese, and ham)

Huevos Rancheros: (toasted tortillas filled with spiced chicken, bean, and potato topped with sunny side up eggs alongside homemade salsa)     (50k)

Mexican eggs: (scrambled eggs mixed with jalapeno, cheese, tomato, chicken sausages, and tortilla chips)      (40k)

Indonesian chicken and rice: (shredded chicken marinated in traditional Indonesian spices served with steamed rice and fried egg)     (40k)

Savory crepes:   (Poached eggs on top of homemade garlic basil tomato sauce with cheese and ham wrapped in crepes skin)      (40k)


Waffle: (regular, strawberry or chocolate)    (20k)

Sweet crepes: (cinnamon, lemon, vanilla)     (20k)
French toast:   (Regular or cinnamon)            (20k)
Pancakes:(chocolate chips, banana or plain) – 2 (20k / 3 (25k)

Fresh Pastry of the Day (10) When offered


Horchata (rice and almond milk)               (20k)
Mung bean and soy milk                              (20k)
Smoothies                                                        (35k)
-Golden Glow (pineapple, orange, mango, turmeric)
-Bali Sunrise ( orange, watermelon, papaya)
-Bali Sunset  (papaya, mango, strawberry)
-Cupid’s arrow (strawberry, dragon fruit, banana)

-Tropical Breeze (guava, papaya, orange)
All smoothies made vegan style, nondairy, and fresh.

Espresso:    -single (20k)   -double (25k)
Cappuccino:    -regular  (25k)  -tall (30k)
Latte:  -regular  (25k)   -tall         (30k)

Complimentary Continental Booking.com Breakfast (booked after 12/18)

Coffee or Tea

Pancakes: Plain, Banana, Chocolate Chip or Banana Chocolate Chip

Cereal: Corn Flakes or Coco Crunch

Asian Breakfast: Nasi Goreng or Mie Goreng


Guests using 3rd party booking sites book with breakfast not included.

Guests booking on our website get free breakfast, but to avoid food waste you must finish what you order or we must charge you for it.