Beautiful Balinese People
Plan your stay in Bali


Plan your stay in Bali. You may not have even scratched the surface of really learning about Bali. Guidebooks are limited and are not written by locals. I’ve tried to give you a lot of information on this website. But I am here to help even further. Most people coming to Bali think of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and Ubud, and that is fine if you want to visit normal tourist-type places. You will find lots of shops and restaurants and other things designed to service the tourist industry. Personally, I feel these areas have their place but have commercialized away the traditional essence of Bali.

Plan your stay in Bali to include visiting some of the beautiful landscapes and topography hiding in plain sight. There is so much more to Bali than these commercial areas. So much culture, nature, and amazing things to do and see, away from the commercialized Bali. I’ve posted some photos here to tickle your interest.

Bali Culture

This island has from its beginning been known for its hospitality, kind and gentle way, and warm and friendly people. When the Ritz Carlton opened here the CEO said he usually had to train staff in a new country about hospitality, but in Bali, he would only screw it up.

Rich cultural traditions that all visitors are welcome to see and photograph. From a wedding to a funeral ceremonies, all are open to everyone. See a wedding, just walk in offering a small token and become part of the celebration and get fed. Bali is a food-oriented culture and guests are always welcome to share a meal.

See Explore Bali for more in-depth facts about the various sights of Bali. Feel free to contact us with any questions about anything Bali or nearby islands. Below is a gallery of Balinese people and events you can participate in. Just to give you a taste of the flavor of Bali. See what TripAdvisor says about Bali


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